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Providing quality assurance requires accurate data and diagnostics. Oseir’s thermal spray diagnostics products combine the measurement of the most important thermal spray parameters into a single, inexpensive and robust system that is portable and user friendly.

With accurate diagnostics data, customers can achieve greater optimisation, minimise production costs, waste and environmental impact while achieving better coating quality.

  • SprayWatch 2S
    SprayWatch 2S system is the top-of-the-line system giving maximum amount of information of thermal spray processes. It can be used in most thermal spray processes including plasma, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spraying, High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) spraying, arc and flame spraying. SprayWatch 2S measures particle velocity, size, trajectory, temperature, density, position and heading of the particle plume.
  • SprayWatch 4S
    The most sensitive SprayWatch system in the range especially for HVOF and HVAF processes, SprayWatch 4S also works well on all other processes. SprayWatch 4S measures everything except particle size.
  • SprayWatch G
    Designed primarily for the optimisation of deposition efficiency on a daily basis with plasma spraying, the SprayWatch G can also be used to monito arc and flame spraying. SprayWatch G measures the particle velocity, plume density, plume position and heading relative to the position of the plasma flame.
  • SprayWatch CMS
    SprayWatch CMS (central monitoring system) is designed for larger installations with multiple booths, which can be equipped with any combination of SprayWatch thermal spray diagnostic systems.


Oseir was founded in 1999 and located in Finland’s Tampere region, an area known for its high-tech industry.

Many of Oseir’s products are based on new, patented innovations while its innovative optical and spectroscopic systems are used for measurement diagnostics and control of processes. Designed to accelerate the research and development of processes, these systems also improve process and quality control, improve product quality and save costs.

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