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Oseir’s cold spray diagnostics products feature imaging methods that can be used to measure particle velocity, size and position as well as the presence of liquid droplets and gas bubbles in media and fibres.

Key benefits:

  • Installed with OsiRec® software, HiWatch lasers can be used to capture and visualise microscopic/macroscopic details.
  • Easy modulation of high laser pulse repetition rate and short laser pulse width. This allows the measurement of small fast-moving objects even in processes such as cold spray or high-pressure water jet spraying.
  • OsiRec® software can be adjusted to visualise and measure the characteristics of particles across a wide range of sizes from a few micrometres to several millimetres.
  • Easy installation and alignment with the flow of particles using the factory-aligned camera and laser package as well as by aligning the actual camera image with the target.

Applications include:

  • Cold spray particle measurement
  • Visualisation of external powder feed in plasma spraying and solution spraying
  • High-pressure water jets
  • Shotpeening and grit blasting
  • Parmaceutical spray processes
  • HiWatch CS2
    HiWatch CS2 cold spray diagnostic system is a compact and user-friendly system designed for daily quality control. In addition to enabling effective quality control, the data collected also facilitates the research and development of cold spray processes.
  • HiWatch HR2
    HiWatch HR2 enables the most accurate particle size measurement while also measuring particle velocity of up to 2000 m/s as well as plume density in the measuring area.
  • ShotWatch
    ShotWatch is a system that measures larger cold particles such as those found in shotpeening and grit blasting processes. ShotWatch measures particle velocity, size and position as well as plume density.
  • Other
    The combination of HiWatch camera and laser can also be used for the visualisation of various other processes.
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Oseir was founded in 1999 and located in Finland’s Tampere region, an area known for its high-tech industry.

Many of Oseir’s products are based on new, patented innovations while its innovative optical and spectroscopic systems are used for measurement diagnostics and control of processes. Designed to accelerate the research and development of processes, these systems also improve process and quality control, improve product quality and save costs.

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