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Compact and strong, Straaltechniek International blast cabinets are specially designed for treating small objects. They have unlimited applications and are suitable for numerous materials including steel, plastic, rubber, glass, metal and wood. These materials can be hardened, roughened or polished as part of pre-treatment or for decorative purposes.

  • Venti-Compact
    Fully equipped blast cabinet based on the pressure blasting principle. This is a powerful machine built for high production speeds.
  • SKIF
    Injection blasting with the SKIF blast cabinet. This model is also available with plenty of accessories.
  • SK900
    The smallest blast cabinet in the range, the SK900 comes with an integrated dust extraction system and a viewing window for a good view of the work piece.


Established in 1982, Straaltechniek International designs, develops and builds complete installations for shot peeing and high-end blasting applications. Delivered on a turn-key basis, these are fully customised according to client requirements.

An industry leader whose innovations and custom solutions can be found across the maritime, offshore and automotive industries, Straaltechniek International’s clients include Rolls Royce, General Electric Company and Bos Shelf LLC.

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