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We offer a broad range of micro-resistance welding machines by Soudax.

  • Accumulator Packs
    Resistance welding assembly of batteries and accumulators.
  • Honeycomb Tack Welding
    Honeycomb tack welding is used to position and hold the honeycomb on a ring or a segment prior to brazing.
  • Ball Tack Welding
    Ball tacking is used to position and hold two parts together prior to brazing.
  • Sintered Materials
    Two or more work pieces of sintered materials are tacked to position and held prior to brazing.
  • Thermal Protection
    Thermal protection is achieved by spot welding or seam welding of flat or indented panels for manufacture or repair.
  • Micro Sheet Metal Work
    Watertight sealing of pyrotechnic relays; welding of micro-plasma thruster components.
  • Electrical Relays
    Braze welding of silver contacts onto flexible strips. Micro-welding of silver contacts onto fixed contacts.
  • Metal Fabrics and Micro Sheet Metal Work
    Spot welding or seam welding of metal filters and stainless steel sheets.
  • Manufacture of Electrical Components
    Mechanical and electrical assembly of switches, relays and thermostats.
  • Manufacture of Varactor
    Sealed welding of kovar enclosures.
  • Embedded Connectors
    Mechanical and electrical assembly of electronic components, temperature sensors for engine oil monitoring.
  • Manufacture of Connectors
    Welding of copper ground rings and welding of nickel-plated steel banana connectors.
  • Thermocouples
    Welding of wires or clamps for thermocouple installation.


Established in 1973 in France, Soudax Equipements is well-regarded for its expertise in the design and manufacture of micro-welding equipment, resistance welding and brazing equipment.

Tapping on decades of experience together with robust research and development capabilities, Soudax has developed unique and innovative technology as well as a wide range of equipment that offers customers the best possible welding quality.

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