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Many aero-engine and industrial gas turbine components such as turbine blades and combustor liners feature thermal barrier coatings as critical protection against high temperatures.

During regular repair intervals, these coatings must be removed before components are repaired and re-applied before re-installation. Aquarese waterjet solutions offer the ideal method to remove these coatings efficiently, safely and in a cost-effective manner.

Ultra High-Pressure Waterjet Stripping

Our Aquarese WJS coating removal solution is the preferred method for removing thermal barrier coatings quickly while maintaining the overall structural strength of the part.

The MRO Aero Engines and IGT improve their processes with waterjet stripping.

Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Abrasive Waterjet Cutting and Machining

UHP waterjet cuts through a wide range of geometries and materials with ease and effectiveness.

From processing advanced materials including titanium, superalloys and composites to cutting virtually any geometry with full 3D capabilities and precise tolerances, UHP waterjet cutting is an effective way to shape any part according to specifications.


A Shape Technologies Group Company, Aquarese specialises in ultra high-pressure (UHP) processes, striving to improve manufacturing process solutions globally.

Tapping on more than 30 years of industry experience, Aquarese designs and develops solutions for a wide range of industrial applications including waterjet cutting and machining, drilling, stripping, blasting, core removal, knock-out, deburring and flushing.

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