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For more than 40 years, Chong Fong Engineering has provided reliable load testing services to a multitude of industries. Many of the world’s top companies trust us to accurately and systematically load test their equipment and products while adhering to their specific industry standards.

For existing structures and equipment, we provide quality maintenance work, repair and refurbishment.

Experienced and highly effective, our engineering team provides troubleshooting, repair, refurbishing and reconditioning work to achieve optimal levels of performance.

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The Value Of

Load Test Singapore Services

As part of the inspection stage of any fabrication or machining process, a load test determines the functionality and safety of the equipment. This involves putting varying amounts of demand or load on the system while measuring its response. More specifically, during load testing, our engineers setup and record the equipment’s behaviour under both normal and peak load conditions. These are always done in line with existing industrial safety standards as well as higher internal standards from the client.

A completed load test confirms that the manufactured equipment is fully functional and safe to use under the indicated workloads.

Experienced & Adaptable

Load Test Company In Singapore

Chong Fong Engineering is a leading load testing company with more than 40 years experience. Our engineers competently systematically and efficiently test your equipment at varying loads. All tests are done in-house, ensuring that your project is always in the care of our engineers and technicians.

At the end of the load testing procedure, you can expect information on the performance of your equipment at varying loads. Through detailed collaboration, we are able to ensure a high degree of accuracy in equipment load testing. At the same time, with complete in-house operations, you will be able to convey your needs clearly to the engineers who are directly involved in the load testing process.

With many years of experience and strong expertise, we are able to efficiently deliver projects with short turnaround times. In particular, clients with complex fabrication and assembly works trust us to turn their drawings into precise works. Enjoy a systematic load testing process when you choose Chong Fong Engineering.