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We are trusted to deliver turnkey projects, whether it is for a standalone skid or a full set of equipment involving mechanical, hydraulics and electrical components.

This includes managing the entire manufacturing process from Bill of Materials procurement to fabrication and final testing, giving you the competitive advantage you need to go to market faster.

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Importance Of Efficient

Mechanical Assembly Services

Mechanical assembly is a critical step in the fabrication and machining process. It involves putting together various components and forming secure connections between each part. Once complete, the piece of equipment becomes fully functional.

Efficiency is a critical factor in machine assembly processes. From reduced time you need to wait till you can start operations, to lower production costs, an efficient mechanical process can make a big difference. Beyond speed, precision plays a huge role here as there is no room for error. Any defects could require you to disassemble the system before repeating the assembly process. In such a situation, your operations will suffer a huge setback in terms of both time and finances.

At Chong Fong Engineering, our team of experienced engineers are capable of efficiently assembling industrial equipment of varying complexity. Depending on your design needs, we are able to connect motors, pistons, turbines, electronics, hydraulics and more.

The World’s Leading Companies Turn To Us For

Mechanical Assembly Work, Integration & Testing

For more than 40 years, Chong Fong Engineering has provided assembly services to a multitude of industries. Many of the world’s top companies trust us to accurately and efficiently assemble their systems while adhering to their specific industry standards. Discover the past solutions that we have provided to your industry.

What Is Involved In

Hydraulic Assembly

Hydraulic machines play critical roles in a variety of industries, utilising fluid to perform heavy workload tasks. Common components of hydraulic systems include: pumps, control valves, pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, sequence valves, shuttle valves, pilot controlled valves and hydraulic fuses.

Due to the complexity of such machinery, poorly assembled systems can lead to many hydraulic problems. These include heat degradation, air contamination and water contamination. Such defects can place your entire operation under threat and endanger your workers.

Experienced & Adaptable

Machine Integrator

Chong Fong Engineering is a leading machine assembler with more than 40 years experience. Our engineers competently analyse your blueprints and produce quality final products in line with your specifications. All assembly is done in-house, ensuring that your project is always in the care of our engineers and technicians.

At every stage of the project, you can expect consistent and valuable updates on the status of the assembly works. Through detailed collaboration, we are able to ensure a high degree of accuracy in assembly. At the same time, with complete in-house operations, you will be able to convey your needs clearly to the engineers who are directly involved in the mechanical assembly process.

With many years of experience and strong expertise, we are able to efficiently deliver projects with short turnaround times. In particular, clients with complex assembly needs trust us to turn their drawings into precise works. Enjoy a smooth mechanical assembly process when you choose Chong Fong Engineering.