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Catering to industries such as aerospace, construction, marine and oil and gas, we provide a wide range of steel structural fabrication works using materials such as steel, high tensile steel (S355, alloy steel 4340, weldox SQ690L etc), stainless steel (SS304L, SS316L) and aluminium (Al6061-T6).

Equipped with in-house CNC machines, one of our strongest specialities lies in metal fabrication work with machining (milling and turning) requirements. With fully equipped facilities and experienced, highly trained welders and machinists, we can provide quality, custom-built work according to your exact requirements.

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What Is Involved In

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel is hugely popular in the production of equipment across a variety of industries. Being fully recyclable, resistant to rusting, easy to sterilize and stain proof, stainless steel has uses in culinary, surgical, architecture and automotive equipment. Commonly, stainless steel fabricators utilise mechanical cutting, thermal cutting and welding.

Mechanical Cutting

Based on the use of power driven equipment against the physical properties of stainless steel, mechanical cutting shapes and forms the material. Fabrication processes that fall under this category include sawing, hacksawing, power hacksawing, shearing, abrasive cutting and water jet cutting.

Thermal Cutting

Based on the use of an energy source to heat parts of the stainless steel material, thermal cutting liquidizes the metal and allows for easier forming thereafter. Fabrication processes that fall under this category include plasma arc cutting, laser cutting and power cutting.

Wielding Stainless Steel

Once all individual components have been cut and reshaped, stainless steel welding is carried out to form the finished product. The chosen methods vary according to the thickness of the stainless steel material and the finish. Common fabrication processes include that of TIG welding, resistance welding and MIG welding.

What Is Involved In

Aluminium Fabrication Welding

Aluminium is a widely used metal within a range of manufacturing and engineering related industries. Thanks to its lightweight characteristics, anti-rust properties, resistance to heat and ductile capabilities, this metal provides a multitude of uses. From cars to planes, solar panels to skids, most systems utilise aluminium in some capacity. Aluminium fabrication Singapore processes includes cutting, bending and welding.

Aluminium Cutting

Aluminium can be cut using a range of different tools, depending on the intended result. These include plasma torches, water jets, laser machines, punch press and oxy-fuel torches. Our tools provide us a high degree of power, manoeuvrability and speed when working, thus allowing for efficient aluminium fabrication.

Aluminium Bending

Aluminium can be bent to form different shapes and forms, subject to their individual tolerances. Methods such as push bending, hydraulic bending, rotary draw bending, three-roll bending and stretch forming are used. In particular, the success of aluminium bending comes down to the degree of accuracy of the bending equipment and methods used.

Aluminium Welding

Welding aluminium provides a set of challenges, including that of its good thermal conductivity and the need for filler materials. In return, various welding methods are utilised: gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, laser beam, electronic beam and resistance welding.

The World’s Leading Companies Turn To Us For

Metal Fabrication

For more than 40 years, Chong Fong Engineering has provided metal fabrication services to a multitude of industries. Many of the world’s top companies trust us to accurately and efficiently fabricate their equipment and products while adhering to their specific industry standards. Discover the past solutions that we have provided to your industry.

Experienced & Adaptable

Metal Fabrication Company

Chong Fong Engineering is a leading metal fabrication company with more than 40 years experience. Our engineers competently analyse your blueprints and produce quality final products in line with your specifications. All aluminium and stainless steel fabrication is done in-house, ensuring that your project is always in the care of our engineers and technicians.

At every stage of the project, you can expect consistent and valuable updates on the status of the assembly works. Through detailed collaboration, we are able to ensure a high degree of accuracy in aluminium and stainless steel fabrication. At the same time, with complete in-house operations, you will be able to convey your needs clearly to the engineers who are directly involved in the custom metal fabrication process.

With many years of experience and strong expertise, we are able to efficiently deliver projects with short turnaround times. In particular, clients with complex metal fabrication needs trust us to turn their drawings into precise works. Enjoy a smooth metal fabrication process when you choose Chong Fong Engineering.