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Located in Senai, Malaysia, our primary machining facility enables us to handle a range of precision machining work such as the production of pure machine parts from scratch to welding structures with machining requirements.

Transforming high-tolerance drawings for machined metal into final products, we work with dimensions of up to 6m x 3.5m.

X Y Z Diameter
1 CNC Vertical Lathe 1400mm
2 CNC Vertical Milling 950mm 580mm 550mm
3 CNC Vertical Milling 950mm 580mm 550mm
4 CNC Vertical Milling 1100mm 560mm 520mm
5 CNC Double Column Milling 3000mm 1600mm 1000mm
6 CNC Double Column Milling 3000mm 2000mm 1200mm
7 CNC Double Column Milling 4000mm 2000mm 800mm
8 CNC Double Column Milling 5000mm 2500mm 1200mm
9 CNC Double Column Milling 5000mm 3000mm 1600mm
10 CNC Double Column Milling 6000mm 2450mm 920mm
11 Manual Milling 1200mm 300mm 400mm
12 Manual Milling 1200mm 300mm 400mm
13 Measurement Equipment
Range: 8ft (2.4m in diameter)
14 Measurement Equipment
Range: 10ft (3.0m in diameter)


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The Value Of

Precision Machining Singapore Service

Precision machining is an important process in the fabrication and assembly of metals. Through removing excess raw material while retaining close tolerance finishes, your product will have the precise parts that meet very exact specifications. Beyond, the use of powerful cutting, milling and welding equipment, precision machining requires the use of CNC technology.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining uses pre-programmed computer software to aid the operator in achieving high precision works. The software dictates the movement of the aforementioned tools and machinery, thus allowing for exact 2D and 3D shaping. Furthermore, through the aid of the software, the operator is able to achieve precision that is beyond the limits of manual control.

The World’s Leading Companies Turn To Us For

Precision Metal Fabrication

For more than 40 years, Chong Fong Engineering has provided custom CNC machining services to a multitude of industries. Many of the world’s top companies trust us to accurately and efficiently fabricate their equipment and products while adhering to their specific industry standards. Discover the past solutions that we have provided to your industry.

What Is Involved In Our

CNC Machining Singapore Service

We provide the best in class CNC machining technologies, including CAD, CAM and a collection of 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC machines. These technologies coupled with our skilled operators give us the means to tackle precision metal machining projects across a host of applications and industries.

In CNC technology, our engineers use numerical control to operate and control the various CNC machines. Through the pre-programming, the CNC machine is able to run the orders in a repetitive and predictable cycle. This in turn ensures a high level of uniformity between parts produced and with no defects.

While programming the CNC machine, our engineers select X and Y coordinates. In turn, the machines are positioned according to these coordinates and guided by the programming code. Depending on the complexity of the intended movement and work, different types of axis CNC machines would be called for.

Experienced & Adaptable

CNC Company In Singapore

Chong Fong Engineering is a leading precision CNC machining company with more than 40 years experience. Our engineers competently analyse your blueprints and produce quality final products in line with your specifications. All precision metal works are done in-house, ensuring that your project is always in the care of our engineers and technicians.

At every stage of the project, you can expect consistent and valuable updates on the status of the precision metal works. Through detailed collaboration, we are able to ensure a high degree of accuracy in precision CNC engineering. At the same time, with complete in-house operations, you will be able to convey your needs clearly to the engineers who are directly involved in the custom CNC machining process.

With many years of experience and strong expertise, we are able to efficiently deliver projects with short turnaround times. In particular, clients with complex precision machine works needs trust us to turn their drawings into precise works. Enjoy a smooth CNC machining process when you choose Chong Fong Engineering.